4 Tips For Vehicle Storage

4 Tips For Vehicle Storage

You may be concerned about the prospect of vehicle storage. Unlike some other possessions, vehicles require proper care and maintenance to remain in good condition and working order. So, if you are storing your vehicle away, here are 4 tips to help you care for and maintain it.

1. Make A Pit Stop At The Garage

Before you put your car in storage, make sure it’s full of petrol. This is critical to preventing your fuel tank from rusting as a result of condensation. Check your tyre pressures as well to ensure they are at the proper level. As a result, your tyres are less likely to go flat while your vehicle is sitting unused.

2. Wash Your Car Before Putting It Into Vehicle Storage

You need to ensure your car is clean before storing it away. This is vital to protect the bodywork from corrosion caused by chemicals and debris. You can wash your vehicle yourself, but hiring a professional for a thorough clean is highly recommended. 

3. Purchase An Appropriate Vehicle Cover

To help keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, purchasing an appropriate cover is key. Not only will this help to prevent dust and debris from settling on your car, it will also help to protect the paintwork. If you are storing your vehicle inside, you can purchase a cover for indoor usage. However, for outdoor vehicle storage, you may need a heavy-duty cover specifically made for outside use.

4. Drive It Once Per Fortnight

Long term vehicle storage can take its toll on the mechanics of your car. So, if you are putting your car away for an extended period of time, don’t forget to give it a spin! We recommend driving your vehicle once per fortnight for no less than 20 minutes. In doing so, the battery will stay in good condition and will be less likely to go flat. 

Please note, if you are storing your vehicle over the winter, try to take your car for a drive once a week.

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