How To Organise Your Self Storage Unit

How To Organise Your Self Storage Unit

When it comes to storing your belongings in self storage, organisation is key. Being well organised will help you to find your items better, and will also help you maximise your space. Keep reading to find out our top tips for organising your self storage space.

Write A List Of What's In Your Self Storage Unit

One of the best ways of keeping your self storage space organised is by making a list. This will help you to remember exactly what you have put into your unit, and also know the whereabouts of each item. If it’s easier, you can make this list on your phone, but traditional pen and paper is also fine – just try not to lose it! When it comes to storing your possessions, make a note of each item and its location as you go. You’ll know exactly where everything is when you come to need them.

Label Your Boxes

When you’re finished packing your items into boxes, make sure to label each one. This will be extremely useful in organising your self storage. You will not only be able to group similar items, but you will also be fully aware of what is in each box. Use a permanent marker to write your labels, as your writing will be clear and stand out well.

Be Mindful About Weight

If you have any heavy items or boxes, be sure to store these at the bottom of your storage unit. You should also take care to avoid putting light, fragile belongings underneath any weighty loads to avoid damage. If you do pack any fragile items into your self storage unit, make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap and put them inside a strong, protective box.

Order Is Important

When it comes to loading your unit, be mindful of the order you pack in. This can help to save your future self a significant amount of time. So, if you are storing any items that you are likely to need, make sure to put these in last. This will make recovering them much easier when you come to need them. Similarly, any belongings that you are unlikely to require should be packed in first, ideally at the back of the unit.

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